Investing Opportunities Through Commerce

We always strive to provide variety and options to choose from, so our investors receive better opportunities at earning a return for their efforts. At ALL NIGERIAN AMERICAN COMPANIES WORLD WIDE, LLC, we bring another option of investment to the table through our general commerce services. By importing and exporting goods, we create a flow of income from in and outside of the States. All investment opportunities are available for investors throughout the nation and into Canada.

General Commerce

On top of our other investment options, we also offer general commerce services for industries around the world through importing and exporting goods. One of the routes we intend to follow includes introducing Native American pharmacies to places like Nigeria in an attempt to build an organic grower of plants. This commerce strategy allows us to provide revenue in other parts of the world as well as for our investors here in the States and Canada. We also handle the goods from manufacturing industries such as computer software, computer parts, and other electronics. For our general commerce services, we are looking for investments of $500,000.00 and up.

Shipping Container